Textile Industries

Textile Industry

Now the textile industry is known as one of the indicators of development of countries in such a way that, among 10 major exporter of textile products in the world, 7 countries are developed in terms of industry, and the value of the annual export of these products in the world to over 260 billion USD which sometimes proves that textile industry is the second largest industry. Among these countries, Iran is also due to the historical record, certainly has the ability of presence in global markets, as according to many reports, we can export textile products of Iran in the year to 5 billion USD. By the way, Iran beside the most advanced countries has raised in this industry and has managed to promote the expansion.

Mehrtash sepahan also has been able to provide a series of chemicals and lubricant for the textile industry and the positive role in the promotion of this industry.

Company’s products can be mentioned the following:

Lubricants (Spin-finish & Soluble oils)

Softener, silicone


heat transfer oils

Anti-foam and biocide and …

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