Suggestions and Critiques

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Mehrtash Sepahan Brand is all about reliablity, quality and being progressive. I will never forget starting business with this company. Supplying premium quality, reliable transportation and commitment toward training for customers have been always considered in their minds.

Mr. GilaniExperienced engineer In Steel Industry

According to the fact that this brand always pay attention to precise tests in accredited laboratories, I never doubt about ordering special products to this company. In line with conserving customers’ rights, Mehrtash’s sales engineering dept. has been always helping us in dealing with technical problems.

Ms. SotoudehExperienced manager in rubber industry

During these years in which we have purchased our needed products from this company, it rarely happened to receive low quality products. In Case of any technical issue, they have been always responsive to our concerns.

Mr. JavadiPetrochemical industry

In order to have a perfect marketing mix, managers should keep place, products, promotion and price in their mind. From the very beginning, I have seen such great mix in their managers’ policies.

Dr. NajmaeiOil and gas industries
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