transformation and development

Mehrtash Sepahan Co. drawing from external sources for business internal processes , incorporation of organizational values for internal business processes , organizational values on all organisational and optimal approaches to solving the competitiveness of organization values in all organisational and optimal organizational activities to enhance competitiveness by establishing a learning organization is based on the principle of innovation in the global interaction to preserve and sustain its market share and expand it

R&D  Process

The main responsibiltiy of the department is as follows:

Improvement of existing products

Improvement of existing production process

Launching new products

Introdution of new production process

With this in mind, according to innovation and invention the company is fully energized to enhance its effectiveness and filling the undesired gaps in such department. Also the company tries to be effective in continuous and transformational improvements.,

Viosion of the R&D department

The R&D department is a reliable, robust and value creating reference so as to enable the company to develop and formulation of special processes and chemicals and lubricants in domestic and global level.

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