Water treatment Chemicals

Especially formulated for the best performance in water treatment processes.

Nowadays water and waste water industries are mainly categorized in to three main groups including water treatment, waste water treatment and desalination.

Noteworthy, in the first group, the outcome would be drinking water. Though all  waters found in the nature are drinkable but still some processes are needed to make the water safe for human well being.

In fact, natural water is full of bacteria and micro-organisms not visible by unarmed eyes. Besides, the water pollution from several sources requires humans to opt for water treatment.

One of other parts of the industry is waste water treatment means handling waste water available on the earth. Waste water stems from different sources such as factories, polluted lakes and rivers and household consumption.

The main reason for using this method is to eliminate solid sediments and bacteria from water.

Water treatment chemicals are divided into 4 major groups produced by Mehrtash Sepahan Company: