Mehrtash Sepahan Company’s success in obtaining ISO 17025 certification

Mehrtash Sepahan Company, in March 2012, has been successful in implementing and obtaining a standard certificate between the international organizations in pursuit of the goals and objectives of the organization and improving the quality of production products and ensuring the competence of its specialized laboratories of oil and chemistry. The Quality Management System of Laboratories ISO17025:2005 was approved by the North American Qualifications Authority (NAAB) with the Alliance.

Chilan Magazine

Dialogue of Chilan Magazine with Mr. Babak Iranpour Managing Director of Mehtash Sepahan Company

The country’s industry needed to be imported with the production and localization of anti-oil oil and Ingersoll-Rand compressor oil.

Mehrtash Sepahan Co. is a member of Tash Industrial Group, which produces lubricants and industrial chemicals with an annual production capacity of 30,000 tons and complies with API, ASTM, DIN and ISO 14001: 2004 international standards, OHSAS 18001: 2007, ISO9001 : 2008, has succeeded in introducing itself as one of the most reputable industrial activists in the country. The company has also been selected as the standard sample unit in 2006, 2007, 2012, and 1392 with success in industrial self-sufficiency and also superior quality.
To introduce this company and to know about its products, especially new products including synthetic base lubricants, we sat in conversation with Mr. Eng. Babak Iranpour, Managing Director of Mehtash Sepahan Company.

The company’s products include all types of industrial and automotive lubricants and chemicals required by major industries such as cement, military industry, pipe and profiling, automotive, textile, as well as steel and power industries. Of course, the company’s strategy is based on self-sufficiency from the outset. And domestic production of imported materials.
From the new products of this company, it should be made of synthetic base lubricants, the base of the five lubricants. Using these bases, it is possible to produce a variety of synthetic lubricants required by the domestic industry without the need for importing these products. Two of the most important ones, HFDU with FIROL HFDU Commercial Brand and Comprol PG especially formulated for Ingersoll rand Compressor, which after confirming the laboratory sample, has reached the stage of mass industrial production of high quality and consumed in the major industries of the country.

  • Competitive advantages over domestic and foreign products
    Mr. Babak Iranpour continues the benefits of alternative products of the same type: Production of such products for the country, in addition to creating employment and preventing the withdrawal of currency, other benefits such as easier access, better after-sales service due to the native production And can provide a better deal for the buyer and the domestic industry.
  •   Export activities and work experience
    Mehrtash Sepahan Co. also exports various types of industrial and motorized lubricants from CIS countries to the CIS countries, including Georgia, Kazakhstan and … and the countries of Canada, Iraq, China and some other countries.
  • Message from head manger
    Mr. Iranpour, in the end, spoke to the situation in our beloved country and hoped to expand trade relations with the world’s most technologically advanced countries, hoping to improve the production space of the country, and said: “It is hoped that the harshness and cruelty that has taken place during the outrageous sanctions against the industries The interior of the country is imposed, not to be forgotten, and the support of high-quality domestic products by the major industries such as steel will be practically realized and the priority of the program will be all respectable and compassionate managers of the country.

Mehrtash Sepahan Company’s success in obtaining ISO / TS 16949 certification in the automotive industry

Mehrtash Sepahan Company (producer of industrial oils and chemicals) in order to maintain and enhance the quality of products and to pay attention to environmental aspects and safety and health points after obtaining the certificates of international standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 and 18001: 2007 OHSAS from TÜV NORD Germany in 2013, this time in November 2015, was awarded the ISO / TS 16949 (Quality Management System for Car Manufacturers) from TUVNORD Germany.

The audit of Mehrtakh Sepahan Company was carried out by TUVNORD Germany with the participation of TUVNORD Company and the audit team of forthcoming year.

The ISO / TS 16949 standard is based on the quality assurance of automotive products manufactured by Mehrtash Sepahan Co., including engine oil and industrial oils used in the automotive industry, and the standard manufacturing process for these products.

Mehtash Sepahan Company active presence at the 23rd International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition of Iran (May 2018)

The 23rd International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition of Iran was held on May 06-09, 2018 with the participation of 1016 domestic companies and 811 foreign companies from 37 countries in a space of 95 thousand square meters in the permanent site of the International Exhibition of Tehran. .

Tehran Oil and Gas Exhibition May , 2018

The exhibition was opened on Sunday, May 06, with the participation of Bijan Zanganeh, Minister of Oil at the permanent meeting of the Tehran International Exhibitions, and at the time of the exhibition, technical and technical meetings were held every day with the specialists of the oil, gas and petrochemical industry and government officials. Participants at the meeting exchanged experiences on the latest scientific findings.

Participants in the exhibition also competed with their counterparts by supplying their most modern and high-quality standard products on the global marketplace.
The technical and sales experts of Mehrtash Sepahan Company also introduced and presented the latest lubricant and chemicals used in various industries that were welcomed by the visitors.

The President of Iran on the morning of Tuesday, May 08, 2018, was present at the 23rd International Oil, Gas, Refining and Petrochemical Exhibition, during the last achievements and developments of this field.