Wire and Cable Industry

Increasing demand for many wires and cables such as power transmission, motors, lights, brakes, seat heaters, etc. It is expected that the global market will affect the cable and cable. The growth in demand for wiring inside the car, as well as applications in the transmission and distribution of this market, is more appealing.

The rapid development of urbanization and urban areas and the demand for relevant infrastructure and increased capacity of the distribution network will also be among the other factors boosting this industry. In addition, the telecommunications industry is another consumer of this industry, which will see a double growth in the market for the next six years.

But the threat posed by manufacturers to the development of this industry will create barriers, most notably the development of wireless systems as well as environmental concerns for the recycling of these materials.

Mehrtash Sepahan Co., has also provided the following products to meet the domestic companies’ needs for foreign lubricants, following the efforts to localize these traction wire and cable.

Copper wires and cables drawing oil

Aluminum wire and aluminum drawing oil