Steel Industry

Metal industries include non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Metals such as copper, aluminum, zinc, etc. belong to the first category and metals such as steel belong to the second category. Both manufacturing sectors are of great importance for the global economy, economic competitiveness and industrial development. Different government economies are trying to make these manufacturing sectors competitive and respect them for environmental considerations and for social responsibility.

Why are Metal Industries Important?

Due to the profound relationship that exists with other industries, including construction, automotive, mechanical, electrical, and aerospace.
A significant and important impact on our economy from the point of view of employment creation and added value in production.
Unconstrained metals have the potential to be recycled without compromising quality. Recycling these metals can reduce energy consumption, materials

Non-ferrous metal industries

Aluminum, copper or zinc are irreplaceable materials for the automotive industry, aerospace, roads and buildings.
steel industry

Has a strategic position in the Iranian economy that has achieved this goal through the creation of ideas, growth and job creation. This material is also widely used in the above industries.

Materials used in the steel industry include lubricants and special chemicals. Among the products we can mention include:

  • Protective oils
  • Rolling oils
  • Molding oils
  • Anti-fire hydraulic oil
  • Gear and hydraulic oils
  • Compressor oils

And from special chemicals, the following are available to the market:

  • Oil Cleaners
  • Detergent
  • Alkaline
  • PSA
  • ENSA
  • Protective chemicals