Mehrtash Sepahan company produces 2 types of rubber processing oils (RPO Iranian) mainly utilized in tyre manufacturing industries and the like.

Mehrtash co. ‘s RINGOL aromatic rubber procedure oils offer superb overall performance thru their continually excessive excellent and specific houses. Mehrtash co. is extra selective in its refinery manner than many other manufacturers of aromatic oils who consider their oils as by means of-merchandise. Mehrtash co. uses a solvent refining procedure and extra proprietary steps to extract the aromatics in place of distillation alone.

The RINGOL oils have pretty better residences than competitive extracts and thereby offer the rubber industry numerous compounding advantages. The higher aromatic ranges (low aniline factors) of RINGOL oils yield most loading capability and reduced mixing instances thru increased polymer compatibility. The low wax stages lessen “blooming” and “constructing tack” troubles in tire meeting. Additionally, RINGOL oils low volatility reduces smoking and volatile losses inside the curing and combining strategies.

Aromatic oils are as follows:

RINGOL-200 series is a mix of different types of special mineral oils, used as plasticizer process oil mainly considered for rubber compounds.

There are many benefits for such oils such as:

– Excellent thermal stability

– Low volatility

– Proper aniline point

– Superior anti-oxidation properties

Paraffinic oils

Mehrtash co. ‘s RINGOL oils are fairly subtle, top class nice oils designed for a huge sort of rubber applications. Structurally, they have got a predominance of saturated earrings and lengthy paraffinic facet chains containing no less than fifty five% paraffinic carbon atoms (cp) and as a result are especially saturated. Due to the fact they may be designed for the rubber enterprise, they’re intended to provide rubber compounders a balance of compatibility, processability, colour stability, decreased peroxide consumption, and coffee sulfur contents. In comparison to naphthenic and aromatic oils, they may be usually greater proof against oxidation and shade degradation from ultraviolet light and warmth. Sunpar oils discover packages in each thermoset and thermoplastic rubbers.

Thermoset elastomers

The RINGOL grades are first-rate choices for use with thermoset elastomers which include IIR, EPM, EPDM, IR, NR in either sulfur or peroxide healing procedures. They may be incredibly endorsed for packages requiring low scent, correct preliminary shade, and color balance to warmness and mild.

Thermoplastic elastomers

The RINGOL grades also are notable alternatives for use with thermoplastic elastomers together with SBS, SEBS, or TPVS. They provide the thermoplastic producer a stability of compatibility, progressed processability, colorability, and low volatiles.

Paraffinic oils are as follows:

RINGOL- 800 series is a mixture of different kinds of special mineral oils and is employed as plasticizer process oil for rubber compounds.

Features and benefits

– Good intermixture properties with rubber

– Low sulfur content

– Low volatility

– Proper aniline point

– Excellent thermal stability

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Rubber Industry

Speaking of rubber industry Iran ,  one of the products that is known in Iran as a strategic commodity is rubber. The rubber industry is therefore one of the most important industries in the country that is directly related to the petrochemical and automotive industries. Also, the possibility of exporting to the countries of the Middle East region is another reason for the justification of the establishment of this industry in Iran. The number of people employed in this industry is estimated to be over 16,000. Also, by examining the value chain of the automotive industry, we also recognize the important role of the rubber industry. Another industry that is directly involved with this industry is the transportation sector, where economic development depends on the importance of both of these.

In the field of tire evolution, it can be said that the process started with wood and metal tires, then in 1844 the tires were first used and the tire tread was added to it a little. Lattice tires came to the market many years later, which was less than expected. In 1888, Dunlop invented a wind turbine, and eventually the 1930s could be considered the decade of official use of modern tires. The tire structure with wool threads inside it was introduced in 1939, and then it came to wired and wired radial tires.

The rubber oils used in the rubber industry Iran include:

Paraffinic oils

– Good oxidation and thermal stability
– Applicable to EP elastomers

Aromatic oils

– Used in natural rubber and neoprene, benzene, xylene and …

The rubber oil products are manufactured by Mehrtash Sepahan Company under product brands RINGOL 200 SERIES and RINGOL 800 SERIES.