Major activities of Mehrtash Sepahan Company

From the very beginning, with more than 30 years of experience

Mehrtash Sepahan Co. affiliate of Tash Group with annual production capacity of 50.000 MT produces special chemicals and industrial lubricants based on DIN, ASTM, API standards. The Company has been granted CE and OHSAS18001:2007, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 according to I.M.S standard. Besides, The company has been awarded ISO/TS 16949 related to automotive manufacturing industries. In 2006 and 2007 due to the best quality and industrial self-efficacy the company has been named as examplar industrial entity. Also in 2012 and 2013 named as champion of champions as well as mining and industry’s examplar entity. At the moment, products of Mehrtash Sepahan company are mainly supplied to different industries including Cement, Rubber, Oil, Gas, Petrochemical and refining, Pipe and Profile Making, Steel Making, Automotive manufacturing, Wire and Cable, Mining, Transportation and so on.

Extensive presence in world markets and successful exports

From the very beginning, with more than 30 years of experience

As we have been able to satisfy our clients in more than 25 active industries throughout our beloved homeland during the quarter century of professional production of synthetic lubricants, as well as the market development strategy Worldwide, for many years, Mehrtash Sepahan products have been exported to the Asian, European, and North American continents, and we have obtained 87% satisfaction rate from our international customers, based on statistics from the marketing and sales department. This is possible only in the light of the efforts of the organizational personnel, commitment and knowledge. Close communication with international laboratories in Asia, as well as the establishment of sales and sales engineering offices in the continents of Europe and North America, are of the most important evidences which manifests the ability and willingness of the company to expand its markets’ borders.

Production of special chemicals and industrial lubricants

Mehrtash Sepahan Co. in addition to manufacturing popular imported products and chemicals in the market , as well as industrial and sewage treatment ,also in addition to the use of domestic and external laboratories along with drawing attention to the standards of day in the context of providing special formulations , it has succeeded in offering special and partly rare products in the Middle East and international arena . Success in receiving integrated management system standards ( I.M.S ) and an international symbol of European Quality Assurance ( CE ) is considerable evidence of such efforts and positive activities

Effective sales engineering services

In addition to up to date, standard products with advanced formula and delivery of products and the particular formulation of more than 20 industries in the homeland , the compnay will focus on resolving problems , dealing with the criticisms and suggestions and training of and maintenance unit’s personnel . Addressing the potential problems of kind customers in any technical field related to maintenance may be done as soon as possible by technical experts in the company . In many cases , customers have not been aware of the proper use of usage after years of exploitation of a lubricant or the equipment associated with it , and after many training with great satisfaction , .they have passed our training mini-courses

Continuous R&D Activities

Knowledge – based production, attraction of experienced employees with higher education in different departments, advanced endeavors and continuous comparisons of research and delivery of new formulations that lead to production of particular products such as synthetic lubricants and localization of imported non-Iranian products, are among the activities that indicate the existence of long – term research and development in our organization. Working with large scale laboratories and laboratories and sensitive clients equipped with highend equipment will enable the company to update0 its products or services structure

We Build the Trust in the light of the customer-centricity

Mehrtash Sepahan Benefits for the customers

Compliance with I.M.S standards

Mehrtash Sepahan Co. based on self – sufficiency and reliance on experienced and educated indigenous employees, has successfully accomplished its mission in such a way that it obtained certificates of ISO 9001 , ISO18001 and ISO14001 for several years . Such accomplishments represent the fact that kind customers .with their professional needs , have aided us in the best possible way to trigger out R&D department for harder efforts

State-of the art formulations

In case you need a customized product or you require a product with resonable price and great quality, so this is a nice website for you to visit. Mehrtash Sepahan Co. has been tried to customize your required products according to your delivered specifications in order to attract customers’ high satisfaction.

Free Delivery

n most of the cases based on the volume of the contract we try to resolve transportation problems and protect customers from probable risks. On-time delivery, professional interaction of drivers with the customers during unloading phase and professional coordination for shipping products are of our major benefits of logistics department so that customers will receive the goods with the least possible risks and concerns

Ease of Order

Customers always have a concern in buying from an organization, especially in purchases between a firm or so – so – called B2B purchases . Experts at the sales engineering dept. are trying to deliver the best products or services depending on your needs . Give us your call number to create a sweet shopping experience in the first order.

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