Power Generation Industry

Typically, the most commonly used methods are electrical, thermal, hydro and nuclear power plants.

Below we briefly explain some of these plants:

Thermal power plant

Turbine is used in this method to turn the generator on. The turbine in this condition is 2 units, steam turbine and another is a hydro turbine. In thermal power plants, coal is used as a fuel to produce steam from this heat, steam turbine moves and the generator also spins. In fact, this fuel is used to create steam with high temperature and high pressure in the boiler. Of course, there is a lot of pollution in this method, and one of these contaminations is the daily production of ash in the plant.

Hydraulic power plants

In these plants, the water used to launch a coupled water turbine is exploited by the generator. In normal mode, this high-pressure water comes from high altitudes, which can be used as a natural reservoir such as lakes. Also a dam might be created on the river to produce artificial pressure. Therefore, the location of these plants depends very much on the water used. Compared to thermal power plants, these types of installations are less polluting and produce clean electricity and thus are environmentally friendly.

Atomic power plants

As it is known, coal reserves are unlimited, and their relative shortage is a threat to thermal power plants based on this type of fuel. According to estimates provided by the world, it is only possible to exploit these reserves from 30 to 40 years if these reservoirs are taken at the same rate. Therefore, nuclear power plants are an alternative to this, which can produce high energy in high volume. Of course, the initial investment for this type of power plant is very high, but the cost of starting up and operating is very low. However, in terms of contamination it may be said that it does not contain air pollution, but the radioactive content of the raw materials due to leakage of the reactors used is criticized.

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