Mehrtash Sepahan Company’s success in obtaining ISO / TS 16949 certification in the automotive industry

Mehrtash Sepahan Company (producer of industrial oils and chemicals) in order to maintain and enhance the quality of products and to pay attention to environmental aspects and safety and health points after obtaining the certificates of international standards ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001 : 2004 and 18001: 2007 OHSAS from TÜV NORD Germany in 2013, this time in November 2015, was awarded the ISO / TS 16949 (Quality Management System for Car Manufacturers) from TUVNORD Germany.

The audit of Mehrtakh Sepahan Company was carried out by TUVNORD Germany with the participation of TUVNORD Company and the audit team of forthcoming year.

The ISO / TS 16949 standard is based on the quality assurance of automotive products manufactured by Mehrtash Sepahan Co., including engine oil and industrial oils used in the automotive industry, and the standard manufacturing process for these products.

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