Cement Industry

Cement is used in the construction industry, bridge construction, refinery equipment, hospitals and schools. After water, the most used material is the same concrete. Approximately 3 tons per capita annually is recorded in new statistics. In fact, cement has a vital role in determining the place of development of a country. From small houses to massive construction projects, this material has a great application. A series of vital government programs, housing problems, infrastructure development, and the role of cement are very high. China, India, the United States and Japan are among the largest manufacturers of this product in the world.

The process of cement production involves mixing, drying, milling limestone, clay and silica in a massive mix. The mixture is then heated in a pre-heater, and then provided in the coolant system as an outlet, which, of course, is a semi-finished form of cement. This material is cooled by air and is regularly converted into cement during a specific process. The cement is based on the final application in various forms: common porcelain, white cement, custom cement and … The main difference is in the amount of clinker in the cement structure.

Cement industry lubrication monitoring and monitoring programs to reduce net costs

The cement and concrete industry has one of the toughest operating conditions in terms of mechanical engineering and lubrication. Extremely heavy loads, extreme shocks in motion, very high temperatures, the presence of contaminants, such as cement particles, are one of the issues that corroborate these problems. In order to carry out operations in this industry, ball mills, furnaces, vertical mills, conveyor systems, etc. are widely used.

Mehrtash Sepahan Company has a good understanding of the important role of lubrication in cement and concrete production due to its mission to improve the quality of lubrication in the micro and macro industries of the country. In the same vein, quality lubricants have been produced and marketed for many years. The comprehensive program for advising on netbooks related to lubrication systems will increase the life span of equipment and reduce maintenance costs in our vast patriotic industry. The use of proper lubricants and the proper maintenance of them, which means keeping the lubricant away from pollution, is one of the focal points of the company.

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