Automotive Industries


In this section a brief description about Iranian automotive making industry and their exporting trends is mentioned. Such export is done between Iran and some other Asian and African countries.

The automotive industry is the second industry to operate in our country if we consider the oil industry the largest industry in the country. One of the honors earned by the car industry in 2009 is its rank as fifth in the world in terms of growth in industrial development. In this ranking, Iran came after the countries such as China – Taiwan – Romania and finally India.

In terms of local and domestic production in Iran, two giant auto makers in Iran, named SAIPA and IKCO and other companies are active. More than half of the car productions are in SAIPA, which statistics are done in 2008 . Although the two car makers are listed on the Tehran Stock Exchange , a significant portion of their shares are still owned by the government . Other car makers in this regard could be referred to the Bahman , Kerman Motors , Kish Khodro , tractor manufacturing, Runiran, Rakhsh Khodro , Shahab Khodro , and so on , which have little to do with the two giant car production giants . Among the types of products of these companies are trucks on various sizes, motorcycles, travelling vehicles, vans and buses and minibuses.

In addition to what is being produced internally, diesel and diesel – powered engine oils have also been covered by many neighboring countries such as Iraq , Syria and Armenia , as well as African countries under the cover of large domestic car makers .


Among the lubricants used in this industry, which are produced by Mehrtash Sepahan, are the following:

  • Gasoline and diesel engine oils
  • Automotive gear oils
  • Chassis protector oil (specially for automobile factories)
  • Hydraulic oils (specially for automotive and construction machinery)
  • Refrigeration compressor oils (specially for automobile factories)
  • Stretch Lubricants (Specialty Automobile Manufacturers)

And in the field of chemicals:

  • Antifreeze
  • Poly-electrolytes (specially for automobile factories)
  • Membrane Detergent (Specialty Automotive Manufacturers)
  • Detergent (specialty car factories)
  • BIOCIDE (for automotive factories)
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