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Mehrtash Sepahan’s Product categories

Industrial Lubricants

Based on dependency of various indistries on lubrication, specialists of Mehrtash Sepahan Co. have been persuaded to manufacture new synthetic products (PAG & PAO) which proves the credibility of the company.

water chemicals

Special Chemicals

Mehrtash Sepahan Co. in line with quick technological evolution in the light of its strengths in R&D and Sales Strategy implementation has been able to formulate and supply special chemicals to various industries within the country and also foreign markets.

Drops falling in water

Water teatment Chemicals

Today, water is a vital material known to every human being in the wolrd. Therefore, several products of the company are produced for utilizing in water treatment and RO water treatment purposes

Why Mehrtash Sepahan?

State-of-the-art technology

Utilization of state-of the art technology for manufacturing products and providing services has been known as one of our major priorities. Deep connections with global brands in the field of chemicals and lubricants empowered mehrtash Sepahan Co. to provide the best services and products to the domestic and international markets.

Special attention to customers’ voice

Sales engineering department of Mehrtash Sepahan Co. is always on call in line with customer centricity policy of the company

Competitive prices

We have always paid special attention to trade off between prices and product quality, meaning that customers and us are in a win-win situation during bargaining with customers

Real warranty for products

Today, one of the main factors showing the success of the brand in sales, is quality assurance for the sake of our customers. Such quallity assurance for our customers has led us to staying long term aside our customers

More than 25 years of experience

With more than 30 years of experience in advanced formulation of chemicals and lubricants specially used in various industries. Mehrtash Sepahan Co. has always relied on specific compunds in manufacturing its products.

Product customization

In case you are looking for a customized product with special physical-chemical characteristics, we can easily arrange production and formulation steps and provide a sample for our kind customers.


Loyal Customers


Successful R&D Projects


Products with advance formula


Experienced and motivated employees

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